2014-2015 annual report of gifts

Dear Friends — Infinite! That is the potential for Colby-Sawyer. We have infinite potential to provide our students with a great education. We have infinite potential to make our college better. And, you have the power to help us achieve that potential. Your support gives us the ability to fulfill dreams and create broader horizons for our students and families for generations to come. That is what the $60 Million Dollar Colby-Sawyer Campaign is all about. And, as we move through the first public year for the campaign, thanks to you we have already raised over $24 million. Thank you!

Your generosity has created our campaign success to date. We could not have done it without you. And now we need to continue to succeed. We need to raise another $36 million. While we recognize and thank you for what you have done, we also know we cannot succeed going forward without your continued support.

Higher education is critical to success in 21st century America and the world. While some cynically ask whether a college education is still worth it, no one denies that college graduates continue to earn substantially more over the course of their lives than others. No one denies that a college education is key to better critical thinking, clearer communication, opportunities for ethical leadership, and an understanding of multiple perspectives. And no one denies that a college education leads to lifetime learning and the ability to adapt both in one’s career and in one’s day to day existence. At Colby-Sawyer we provide a college education that leads to all those public and private goods.

As I approach the end of my presidency at Colby-Sawyer, I am proud of what we have accomplished and I am excited about our future. Most importantly, I am grateful to you. As you have the power to help us achieve our infinite potential, I am infinitely grateful for your generosity and the power you have given us and our students to do all the fantastic things we have accomplished. Tomorrow can be even better with your continuing generous support.


Thomas C. Galligan Jr.
President and Professor of Humanities

Please note that we strive for accuracy in reporting our donors. If you see something that isn't correct, please let us know and we will fix it as soon as we can.