2015-2016 annual report of gifts

Dear Friends,

I write to you as my first month as Colby-Sawyer�s ninth president comes to an end. What an honor it is to be representing this very special institution. The pervasive sense of community is one of the many characteristics that drew me to Colby-Sawyer. That sense of community is evident in the commitment of our faculty and staff to maximize each student�s learning, in the tireless work of our facilities team to make the campus look beautiful each day, in the students� enthusiasm for their college, and through the generosity of individuals like yourself who give generously to support all that happens on campus

As many of you know, the college is currently in the midst of the Power of Infinity $60 million campaign, of which $27 million has been raised to date. My sincere thanks to each of you who have given this year and in doing so have added to the crucial financial foundation for today�s and future students. Your gifts and generosity fund critical elements of our students� educational experiences from financial aid to improved facilities to internship and experiential opportunities to growing the endowment for long-term success. The campus community will be embarking on a strategic planning process this academic year and we look forward to sharing with you the ways in which we believe Colby-Sawyer can distinguish itself as a leader in higher education and where your support will be most impactful on our continued success.

One of the exciting aspects of beginning this work is that each day I discover new stories about the transformative education our students receive at Colby-Sawyer. I am eager to hear your stories about how Colby-Sawyer influenced your life and how your generosity can shape the next generation of students. While the institution has evolved and changed throughout its history, one common thread remains, the incredible people associated with this place. I am humbled to be part of this community and I look forward to our journey ahead.

Best regards,

Susan D. Stuebner
President and Professor of Social Sciences and Education

Please note that we strive for accuracy in reporting our donors. If you see something incorrect, please let us know and we will fix it as soon as we can.