internships and careers


All Biology majors complete an internship of at least 120 hours, often during the summer before their senior year. For many students, this experience helps them decide on careers and sometime leads directly to employment. Recent internship sites include:

  • The Nature Conservancy

  • Montshire Museum of Science

  • Audubon Society of NH

  • NH Natural Heritage Inventory, NH DRED

  • NH Department of Parks

  • Dartmouth Medical School

  • Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), NH

  • Lake Sunapee Protective Association

  • Society for Protection of NH Forests

  • New London Hospital

  • Pleasant Lake Veterinary Clinic

  • Humane Society of the Upper Valley

  • State of NH Dept. of Safety, Forensics Lab

  • Maine Audubon Society

Careers in Biology

Biology graduates are prepared with necessary skills and knowledge for a meaningful and rewarding career in biology.

The Department of Natural Sciences offers advice and assistance to students interested in health-related professional schools. This includes dentistry, optometry, physicians assistant, doctor of podiatry, doctor of osteopathy as well as medical or veterinary school. Students across campus meet with a pre-med/pre-vet advisor to discuss career planning and preparing for admissions requirements. Students may explore careers that will meet their interests and learn about educational opportunities and requirements. Practitioners and school representatives are invited to campus to assist students in their plans for the future. The department offers all courses that are required for admissions to health professional schools.

Some graduates immediately attend graduate school, while others enter the work force. Regardless of what our alumni undertake initially, however, nearly half enter graduate or professional school within five years of graduation.

Among the positions held by some of our graduates are public use specialist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; optometrist, safety coordinator and laboratory technician, QuestTech; mechanical engineer in optics design and manufacturing, Kodak, Health Imaging Division; laboratory technician, Immunogen; senior research technologist, Massachusetts General Hospital; research technician, MIT/Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research; research associate, Amgen Corporation; education specialist, Massachusetts Audubon Society; kidney research, Boston Medical; doctor of osteopathy; and physician's assistant. Many alumni are also high school biology teachers.

A major in biology can prepare you for:

  • a career in the great outdoors in marine biology, environmental toxicology, or conservation biology

  • laboratory research making important contributions in genetics, cures for cancer, or research into animal diseases

  • a career in forensic science

  • science education as a teacher or museum curator

  • professional and allied health careers

  • graduate school or advanced study in any field of biology

  • medical, dental, or veterinary school