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The Biology Majors Club seeks to increase interaction and collaboration among students with shared interests in biology and science in general. The club is not exclusively for majors and we encourage every student who has a desire to investigate the wonder and beauty of the natural world to be an active member.

The BMC provides a great opportunity to meet other students with similar interests in the natural world. The club also provides important academic connections. This is a more practical side of the club, and perhaps its most important function. Studying science at Colby-Sawyer is challenging and students benefit from interacting with others who are working through similar challenges.

A goal of the club is to increase the awareness and understanding of biological/scientific issues throughout the Colby-Sawyer community. Biologists experience the world in a unique way, as do artists and poets, and it is important to share that perspective. The BMC can be instrumental in getting the local community thinking and talking about key scientific issues.

The club meets regularly to discuss local and global issues and to organize activities such as community service projects and field trips.

If you would like more information or have questions, please contact club adviser Christine Bieszczad, associate professor of Natural Sciences, at, or call her at 603-526-3061.