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The Mathematics Program at Colby-Sawyer College is designed to serve the needs of the larger academic community. The program's goals are to provide students with the critical and creative tools they will need to function in their dual roles as professionals and as informed citizens, while also offering a variety of courses that support many of the college's academic programs.

Quantitative Literacy

The Mathematics Program plays an integral part in the college's efforts to ensure that students attain proficiency in quantitative literacy as an important element of their liberal education. The math courses are supplemented by a college-wide program to teach quantitative literacy across the curriculum.

Mathematics is a powerful language that we use every day to communicate with others. Knowledge of this language and an appreciation of its importance are essential for our students' professional development and for their informed citizenship in our society. Students will learn to interpret and critique the mathematical reasoning of others, while also appreciating the differences of approach and opinion possible in any mathematical calculation.

The Mathematics Program seeks to enhance students' development as creative problem solvers. We recognize the critical importance of mathematics both in academic settings and in life in general and incorporate a wide range of practical applications of mathematics into our courses.

Placement Information…

Placement into mathematics courses is based on a student's intended major and his/her performance in high school math courses. For the purpose of placement, students should be considered to have successfully completed a high school math course with a grade of B- or better.

Mathematics Faculty…

Students learn from experienced, expert faculty members.