program overview

B.S. in Child Development

Students who major in Child Development build a strong foundation of knowledge their first two years in child development, psychology, and sociology. Advanced courses then deepen their understanding of children's development and the broader family, social, and cultural experiences that shape a child's development.

Minor in Child Development

The minor in Child Development offers training designed to deepen students' understanding of themselves and others through the study of development in the context of family, societal institutions and culture and can be combined with any baccalaureate degree.

Minor in Education

The Minor in Education offers students an opportunity to explore teaching in their major. Students who pursue the education minor will gain a strong pedagogical knowledge base in the area of education and be prepared to enter a licensure program, graduate program, or career in the field of education. This minor provides students from any major a broad background of knowledge in education and provides links to specific content in their respective majors.

Minor in Early Childhood Education

The minor in Early Childhood Education provides a pathway for student to explore their interest in teaching young children. Students study foundations and current practices of early care and education in group settings.

Capstone Project

Every senior completes a Capstone project, a culmination of work in their fields of study that allows them to demonstrate a deep understanding of a body of knowledge and perspectives informed by that knowledge. Students display and discuss their Capstone projects with the college community and area residents during the Susan Colby Colgate Scholars Symposium each spring.

Child Development Club

The Child Development Club is involved in numerous service projects, including activities to benefit area organizations.