The History and Political Studies faculty members are active in their professions and present papers, attend conferences, conduct research, and serve in professional organizations in their field.

Eric Boyer

Associate Professor, Social Sciences and Education
(603) 526-3432 | eboyer@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined faculty in 2008. Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. Formerly served as a lecturer at the University of Minnesota and as an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Saint Thomas University.

Malachy Flynn

Assistant Professor, Social Sciences and Education
(603) 526-1846 | mflynn@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined faculty in 2010. B.A. in criminal justice and a M.A. in teaching with a concentration in history. Since 2007, he has taught at Colby-Sawyer and Lebanon College as an adjunct professor following years of teaching at the secondary school level.

Randall S. Hanson

Professor and Chair, Social Sciences and Education
Chair, Multi-Disciplinary Studies
David H. Winton Endowed Teaching Chair

(603) 526-3657 | rahanson@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined faculty in 1996. B.A. from Washington University, St. Louis; M.A. and Ph.D. from Indiana University, Bloomington. Areas of teaching include modern Mexico, U.S. history, America in the 1960s, and revolutions and revolutionaries.

Professor Hanson has presented a number of conference papers on such topics as the Catholic church in modern Mexico, the Harry S. Truman presidency and Latin American women's studies.

Kraig Larkin

Assistant Professor, Social Sciences & Education
(603) 526-3640 | kraig.larkin@colby-sawyer.edu

Joined faculty in 2011. A.B., from University at Albany; M.A., Ph.D., Stony Brook University. Professor Larkin teaches courses in European and American history, the history of consumerism and public health, and popular culture. His research explores the connections between public health and consumer culture in modern Germany and America, with a particular emphasis on cigarette smoking. He also is conducting research on the presence and impact of Nazi figures and symbols, and the history on American popular culture.

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Thomas C. Galligan, Jr., J.D., L.L.M.

(603) 526-3451 | tgalligan@colby-sawyer.edu

Burton Kirkwood, Ph.D.

(603) 526-3761 | burton.kirkwood@colby-sawyer.edu

Michael St. Clair

(603) 526-3883 | michael.stclair@colby-sawyer.edu