international studies

The minor in International Studies is a fast-growing interdisciplinary minor offering a broad and flexible curriculum for students from any major interested in international affairs. The minor provides a broad overview to global structures, societies, and cultures as well as ways to think about and address international issues, challenges and opportunities. The minor includes required foreign language and off-campus international experiences.

Off Campus Study Options:

The minor in international studies requires an off-campus study opportunity that encompasses some element of global or international interaction. The following options are available through Colby-Sawyer, but other experiences may be acceptable as well:

  • A semester abroad

  • A field studies course through the School For Field Studies

  • A short experience abroad that may be aligned with another course

  • A semester at the Washington Internship Institute in an internship that is closely associated with globalization and international issues. For example, an internship at a foreign embassy.

  • A summer study abroad or internship experience in a foreign location.

  • Originating from a foreign country, or having lived in a foreign nation for a period of time.

Foreign Language Experience Options:

Students may meet the foreign language requirement in several ways. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Successful completion of IST105

  • Successful completion of a language course transferred from another institution

  • AP credits/exam from high school language classes

  • Bi-lingual expertise

The off campus and language experiences must be approved by the Registrar.