program overview

B.A. in Sociology

Sociology majors experience broad exposure to the discipline of sociology through required courses addressing social theory, research methods (both qualitative and quantitative), data analysis, and a variety of substantive topics. Classes include both macro and micro sociological approaches and important components of the program include the study of cultural diversity, the influences of culture and social structure, and the pervasiveness and causes of social inequality.

Upon graduation, students will demonstrate:

  • the contribution of sociology to an analysis of social reality

  • the use of quantitative evidence

  • the use of appropriate technology for data analysis

  • the role culture, social change, socialization, stratification, social structure, institutions, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or class play in human experiences

  • the role of theory in sociology

  • the interrelationship of culture and social structure

  • the reciprocal relationship between the individual and society

  • the macro/micro distinction in both theoretical approaches and in research methodology, and the advantages and disadvantages of employing either approach

Students have the option of enrolling in the Washington Internship Institute to complete their required internship and the major also includes opportunities for service learning.

Minor in Sociology

The minor in Sociology can be combined with any baccalaureate degree. Please see the college catalog for specific requirements.

Capstone Project

Every senior completes a Capstone project, a culmination of work in their fields of study that allows them to demonstrate a deep understanding of a body of knowledge and perspectives informed by that knowledge. Students display and discuss their Capstone projects with the college community and area residents during the Susan Colby Colgate Scholars Symposium each spring.

Additional Curricula Opportunities…

The Sociology Program's intensive research component means you will master the skills necessary for graduate work. Students interested in further studies in law, medicine, veterinary practice and physical therapy can combine any Colby-Sawyer major with a course of study that will prepare them for the next academic step.