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An Interview with Bozena Boba-Dyga

An Interview with Bozena Boba-Dyga
Poet, singer, and performer Bozena Boba-Dyga and accompanying accordionist Grzegorz Palus held a musical poetry workshop in Wheeler Hall Tuesday February 24 at 6:30 P.M.

The event was sponsored by the Word Order and Cross Cultural clubs, and admission was free. Students, faculty and staff, and members of the local community attended.

Boba-Dyga, a native of Poland, gave the workshop in Wheeler Hall, and began by performing poems written by two members of Word Order, senior Kimberly Walleston, and freshman Amanda Gibbons. She then put to music the poetry of Ewa Chrusciel, Assistant Professor of Humanities, who is also the faculty correspondent of Word Order, and Stanislaw Stabro, a poet and professor at Jagiellonian University.

Boba-Dyga was accompanied by Palus on accordion, who improvised the music. During the performance, Boba-Dyga reiterated this importance of improvisation in her work. “One of the poems that I chose I had earlier received from Word Order and had time to think about while I was still in Poland, the other one I worked on directly during the workshop and while presenting my repertoire,” she states.

Boba-Dyga began performing poetry in 2002, inspired by the works of Andrzej Dyga and Chrusciel. “One day I showed Ewa my demo with these songs and she liked it. It was at the time when Ewa published her first book of poetry and finally I prepared 10 songs for her poetry reading, an event that promoted her book of poetry for the first time; and this was the real beginning,” Boba-Dyga recalls. “Music had long been my passion, however, before that time I did not perform as a soloist. By doing so, I discovered a world truly my own and where I really feel at home.”

“I definitely want to continue composing music and singing literary songs,” Boba-Dyga urges, “I'm fascinated by a number of different areas in music and I want to explore them. The first one is the so-called contemporary music, and this is the style where I would like to see the poetry that I presented to Colby-Sawyer. This genre includes the piece 'Arrivals'('Przyloty'),with lyrics by Eva Chrusciel.”

She has also recently started working on two new CDs and hopes to continue traveling the world, experimenting with different instruments, and continue working with the accordion.

More of Dyga's work can be found on her CD, Concert for Poems, and also on YouTube.com.

-Margaux O'Connell