FALL 2011





Sara Dylan Zarett

Dragon Dragon

Dragon, Dragon, ghosting life,
Reaching a breath of fresh red air.

Dragon, Dragon, bubbling dreams,
Emerging from heavy spirit, surface seas.

Dragon, Dragon, of wavy tides,
Seeking spiral green humpback hides.

Dragon, Dragon, you seek the whale,
In mystery seas, the truth unveils.

The Dragon, lonely as an archbishop on
Judgment day,
Swims scales first through mystery
That is sea
Mixed with green.

The Dragon tears creatures from subtle limbs,
And creeps, no conscience,
From barnacle blood
To fresh water
Face spray.

The Dragon destructs on a base of unlove,
And with no hands
Or arms to bend
There can be no construct
Of a hug.


Sara Dylan Zarett - 1st Place
Closer Still
In case the mountains were meant to crumble today
In case this is such and said to be
Today we must repent for crimes of the time

Our culture insists that we are sure
That we are sure that Dr is sure
Of disappearing, still feeling Mama Earth

And her daughters and sons
Who she will call waves and praise
For ebbing with her curves

Waving as she pirouettes
- arctic slippers
That blocked ice is of temporal fate
- so says coat and tie


Sara Dylan Zarett - Honorable Mention
Rows of White Roots
Rows of white roots
20 neat rows from which watercolor
memories flow from on Adirondack roadside.

Walk slow with no shoes
Using porches and willows for shelter.
And the trees aren't as prominent
As they used to be.
Who do I go to about that?

20 springs and 20 autumn eves
As we danced for the arrival and sent harvest gone
To the white root rows.

I spoke to you of philosophy as you
Explained to me of stars and beyond
Our wonders.

I ran so hard to those root rows
Of white to play with hearts and hackeysacks.

Spring grass to autumn grass,
Lying face down and grass in my

After the rain came and dirt bed became my bed
Sinking softly in my king size soil quilt.

Will you play your strings
As stars shower me in my sleep?

And when the sun rises,
We will paint the scene
And portray saccharine daydreams
20 landscapes tracing life
On canvas.