FALL 2011




Solidus Online

John Clarke

3rd Place:

Shades of Red

Sanguine. It drips off the blade, sanguine on steel. Life slowly fades from the beast’s eyes.
I stab at it again. Once, twice, three times. My hands, my arms are covered. I am disturbed by how pleasant the warmth is. The jaw slackens. Its teeth are a sickening white, spotted with bits of blood, and flesh. The final thoughts in life. Probably just hatred. Who gave me the right to take a life? Who am I to take everything away? I am no one. I do not matter. There’s crying behind me. I draw my blade out from the monster’s stomach. A splatter of life drips out behind it. It’s a child crying. A little girl. Draped all in the same color.
Rose. The sun is setting and the sky is fading to a dark rose. The autumn wind pushes leaves around. Everything is beginning to fade away. The trees are falling apart, ready for a cold embrace. The colors dance around as a cool breeze flows through my hair. My eyes are lost in the beauty around me. They cannot see the darkness lurking within. A door opens.
Scarlet. My wife is wearing a scarlet bow in her hair. It flutters in the wind as she walks outside. The ground seems to freeze under each step she makes. Winter flows behind her. Crying. I should be hearing crying. Where is my son? She looks off into the distance. I don’t think she even knows I am there. Her hands are stained.
Crimson. Why is there crimson on her hands? Where is my son? What did you do? She begins to wander. I can’t let her go. I can’t contain myself. Blank. I can’t remember. Where am I? There is crying. It’s not my son. It’s a girl. My hands are stained. She looks up. A smile. I am her savior. I laugh. Anyone is a hero if they’re willing to kill your enemies. I kneel down to her. What is your name, little girl?



John Clarke is a student at Colby-Sawyer College.