FALL 2011




Solidus Online

Julia Soleau

Toads Not Diamonds (based on story “Toads and Diamonds”)

The girl who shared my father and mother’s genetics (That wretch!) was in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes. My mother told her she must clean before my sweet mother got back from her afternoon walk. At mother’s return, she went right to the empty water pitcher. Mother then screamed at Greta for water. Greta went to get the water pitcher. “Hurry up Greta. Don’t take all day,” Mother hissed. That girl hurriedly rushed for the door and went out to the well. “How dare you take so long, girl. Get me some water,” mother cried out. “Yes mother,” Greta answered. When she did, I heard my mother gasp and I looked over at my mother to see her staring at my sister. From her lips had fallen rose petals, and diamonds, which now covered the floor in front of that wretch. “Uhhh, how can she . . . Where did these come from?” I gasped in horror. How dare she! “What is this I see, child?” mother asked, astonished. This was the first time I had heard my mother call that girl anything other then by her name. It was then that Greta excitedly began to explain to my mother and me what had happened down at the well. Her story was that an old woman asked for a sip of water and had given cast a spell on her to make flowers and jewels fall from her lips. My mother brightened and I could tell she had an idea. “Fanny, dear,” said mother, “Why don’t you go out to the well and see if you can’t get me some more water. Do you not want this same gift? Go out to the well and see what your kindness might get you.” So I went and got another pitcher for water and headed out for the well. At the well, after having taken the water from the well an old lady approached me from behind some bushes. She asked me for a drink of water. “This water isn’t for you, Old Hag. If you want it you can have it, but don’t you go begging me for water.” “I shall give you a gift,” she said, “In gratitude of your ill temper.” I became excited. My mother would love me with all the jewels and flowers that I would share with her. The woman disappeared then and I ran back to my mother spilling water as I ran. When I got home my mother was there waiting at the door. “Well, Darling?” As I opened my mouth to speak I could feel something coming up my throat. A snake slithered out of my mouth, along with wasps and moths and toads. “This is your fault.” my mother said pointing her finger at Greta. My mother grabbed the broom and ran after Greta. I didn’t see my mother’s other daughter again, but I heard that she married a king. How can she marry when she is the cause of all this?


Julia Soleau is a Sophomore at CSC with a wide variety of interests solely consisting of music, art, and writing for personal enjoyment (there are actually a few others). Although she has not chosen a major yet, she is interested in continuing her exploration to discover her calling. Julia has been published multiple times in the elementary school annual compilations of students writings called The Bookworm.