FALL 2011




Solidus Online

Chris McCarthy

Heroin Holiday

1st Place:

T’was the night before Christmas, and inside my house
Not a creature was sleeping, not this poor louse
Since I took a hit of heroin and let my mind run
The mantel piece shivers and groans as it cracks
Because everything talks to you when you’re on smack
That Christmas tree glowing with soft colored lights
Laughs at my darkness, compels me to fight
And forget that I haven’t done jack shit today
Except get myself high on forbidden love
I inject the needle and feel heaven above
A terrible romance, a dark love affair
That stinks up the room, that befouls the air
It sends loved ones running, forgets about friends
Because ours is a romance that never shall end
Until my mind splits, devours my brain
As her sweet lovely juices flow into my veins
My body is hers now, I care not for life
My only true friend, who helps me to dive
Until the high ends at the end of the night
So I grab for my baggie, and heat up my spoon
When I notice some people are there in my room.
My friends came to visit; they kicked in the door
And stare at me lying, strung out on the floor
I see on their faces my condition as grave
And they’re looking me over, trying to save
Whatever small pieces are left of their friend
Who stopped calling them when he went round the bend.
With smiles on the faces, and gifts in their hands
They’re looking for hope, grasping at strands.
I grab at my gun, shake my fist in the air
I scream and I yell, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!”
With a loud cry of shock, they scatter and flee
From psychotic maniac, aka me
The drugs in my head
Screaming and crying, they run from the room
Shivering, I stand there, alone in the gloom.
I snap shut the dead bolt, crouch next to the wall
Til’ the deafening silence resumes in the hall
So the next time you’re looking for holiday cheer
Just run on back home, cause a devil lives here…


Chris McCarthy

is a senior History major at Colby-Sawyer College.

Contest submissions judged by David Elliott