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1.CHEMISTRY a curve in a graph of the temperature and composition of a mixture, below which the substance is entirely solid.

1. historical gold coin of the later Roman Empire.

1. Colby-Sawyer College's student run literary magazine creating the platform for students to showcase their work and creativity; the brain-child of creative writing professor Ewa Chrusciel; a solid example of the talent that thrives on Colby-Sawyer's campus.


The cast of Solidus:
Jacqueline Susmann
Michael Jauchen
Pradipti Bhatta
Amy Blazej
Shannen Hartmann
Lane Russell
Murs Alison
Jaclyn Goddette
Jillian Laplante
Taylor Mccarthy
Thomas Pappineau
Megan Ashley
Andrew Benoit
Emma Clark
Sharai Murry
Christian Coffman
Devin Dichiara
Jayme Severance

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