Ashley Borlotti

The Bowl on Top of My Head
I carry a bowl on top of my head. The things I collect go inside it. Apples and oranges. Pride and prejudice. How to write my name and how to break your heart. The first kiss at midnight with snow in my hair. The look in her eyes when she said: "She's gone." Pinecones and teapots wrapped up in gold. Fantasies of luncheons with popes and pied pipers. Conversations with god to trade your troubles for my successes. Disney songs and dirty words. And big words, good words, like encomium and iloveyou. Soapy mouth and pasta apologies. It wobbles a bit, but nothing has ever fallen out.

Tortoise Shell
Trinkets of green,
red, black, blue and
yellow glued, plastered,
stitched and jimmy-rigged to
an upside-down bowl.
There are buttons
and broaches & threads
of tinsel, pieces of
fabric, mardi-gras
beads, a playing
card or two.