Jenelle D'Isidoro

Haven't felt this in a while,
haven't grabbed it a while.
Thought my joints felt stiff,
thought my back lost its arch,
Then your ribcage
on top of my ribcage,
saw that cages aren't bad after all—
then you you kissed me
and all the layers melted away,
seeped through the bars,
slipped through your cracks.
walking on eggshells
that fell off after being reborn,
birthed through your fingertips.
Took my first breath to the sound of
your heartbeat, your heart and your ribcage,
your fingers and your eyes.
Your eyes run wild,
up and down they cover me with
the warm, the soft, the closed in feeling,
the beauty, the heavy, the lightness, the oneness...
can't remember if there's knees involved,
can't remember if my lungs evolved.
Wishing there was a map of you,
run my fingers 'long the sides of you,
all around the architecture of you,
you under my nails, under my eyelids.
Wishing there was a map to you.
Haven't felt this all in a while,
Felt my spine realign.