Continent: Asia

Region: Central Asia

Area: 77,181 square miles (ranked 86th)

Capital: Bishkek

Population: 5,550,239 as of 2010

Main Language: Kyrgyz, Russian

Students Available for Presentation/Discussion

Name: Ziedakhon “Ziyoda” Saidova

Major: Business Administration

Interested in Speaking To:

  • Elementary school students
  • Primary school students
  • Middle school students
  • High school students
  • Classes/Events at Colby-Sawyer
  • Interested organizations from the community
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Fun Facts

  • Bishkek is one of the greenest cities in the old Soviet republics. Most of Bishkek's streets are wide and lined with trees and bushes.

  • Manas, a warrior who united Kyrgyzstan, is undoubtedly the most popular folk hero in the country. One can see this name everywhere. There are streets, statues, universities, radio stations, national parks, and many other things that are named after him. Even Kyrgyzstan's main airport is Manas International Airport.

  • People in Kyrgyzstan love tea. It is like a replacement for water. One drinks tea with pretty much every meal.

  • It is not common to tip in Kyrgyzstan. However, a lot of restaurants add an automatic 10% service charge to the bill.

  • Handshaking is a very important part of Kyrgyz culture. People shake hands with people they see regularly as well.

  • People value cleanliness a lot. They take off their shoes before walking into anyone's house.

  • There aren't very many street lights in Kyrgyzstan, even in the capital city of Bishkek