Masters of the Craft

Your professors are active scholars in their fields who are also dedicated to getting to know you in and out of the classroom. Learn from the experts.

  • Donna E. Berghorn

    Associate Professor, School of Arts & Sciences
    603.526.3659 | berghor@colby-sawyer.edu

    Professor Berghorn teaches writing, journalism, digital publishing, first amendment studies and comics, as well as serving as advisor to the Colby-Sawyer Courier, the student newspaper.

    A published poet, Professor Berghorn received her Ph.D. in communication and rhetoric from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She recently returned to print media with The Concord Monitor. She is a student of mythology, folklore and the occult. read more…

  • Ewa Chrusciel

    Associate Professor, School of Arts & Sciences
    603.526.3645 | echrusciel@colby-sawyer.edu

    Professor Chrusciel joined the faculty in 2006. She studied English, Polish and world literature at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, and earned her Ph.D. in literary studies and contemporary poetry from Illinois State. With a background in American contemporary poetry and cognitive poetics, Professor Chrusciel takes an interdisciplinary and international approach to her teaching and research. She is an award-winning bilingual poet with three books written in Polish and three books of poems in English. Her poetry has been translated and published internationally.

    Professor Chrusciel's teaching and scholarly interests lies in pre-modern, modern and postmodern world poetry, comparative literature, creative writing, translation, and cognitive poetics, including neurological theories of aesthetic experience. She teaches creative writing, world literature, composition, poetry and contemporary prose. read more…