board of directors

The Adventures in Learning board of directors is responsible for implementing the educational objectives of the program. The 2019-2020 board members, elected at the annual meeting on May 23, 2019, are as follows


Harry Tether

Vice President

Katrina Wagner


Elizabeth Boege


Richard Showalter


Eric Boyer*
Mary Doyle*
Joanna Henderson
Bruce Hutchinson
Carol Kinzler
Robert Lyon
Julie Machen
Nancy Marashio*
Virginia Milord
John Peterman
Scott Rappeport
Patricia Stewart
Jane VanBremen

* Ex-Officio Director

Adventures in Learning Past Presidents

Italics indicate deceased

Founder and 1st president: Charles Carey

2nd president: Peter Q. McKee

3rd president: John C. Callahan, Jr.

4th president: Richard Cogswell

5th president: Elizabeth F. Boege

6th president: Arthur M. Rosen

7th president: Morris Edwards

8th president: Joanna Henderson

9th president: John Ferries

10th president: Mary Doyle