Internships & Careers

On the Rise

Global changes have created a demand for skilled workers in biology-related careers. Be part of the discipline that conducts live-saving research on genetic diseases or addresses issues that impact the biodiversity of vulnerable ecosystems. With a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, your future is bursting with life.

Evolve Your Skillset

Internships are a chance for you to grow—both as a professional and as an individual. Take a topic you’re interested in, germinate your passion for it and develop your resume.

Find Your Habitat

Work in the lab as a technician, in the field as a conservation officer or in the hospital as a doctor. Find out where you fit.

An Organic Process

Transition into graduate studies by taking advantage of Colby-Sawyer’s affiliation agreements. Complete an accelerated master’s in science education degree at Springfield College or Plymouth College, or explore our other affiliations with University of New Haven and Vermont Law School.