Business Internships & Careers

When you graduate from Colby-Sawyer with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, you hold the key to a successful future with unlimited opportunities. Your versatile resume — filled with hands-on classes, faculty research assistantships, case studies, simulations, field trips and internships — opens doors, impresses employers and gets you closer to the career that you’ve earned.

Internships Get You Ahead of the Curve

With the support of a faculty adviser, your self-selected, 200-hour internship means you get to choose the pre-professional opportunity that best develops your business skillset, enhances your resume and positions you for the job market.

Master of Business Administration

Colby-Sawyer College offers students the opportunity to graduate with both a bachelor’s degree and Master of Business Administration over the course of five years. Students enrolled as business administration majors will have met all prerequisites needed to enroll in the college’s fifth-year MBA option upon completion of the bachelor’s degree program. Students enrolled in other majors are also eligible to participate, but must complete a business administration minor and other preparatory courses prior to enrollment.

Landing Your Dream Job

You are ready. You understand how organizations operate, you have a knack for analytical and critical thinking, and you are a problem solver with strong communication skills. It’s time to use your broad knowledge of business operations to impress colleagues and customers in the workplace.