Internships & Careers

The Future is Bright

You easily make positive connections with children, you care about their well-being and you want to guide them toward a bright future. A Bachelor of Science in child development from Colby-Sawyer provides you with a variety of academic and applied experiences that help you to develop the skills, knowledge and ethical practices necessary to be an effective adviser to children and families.

Internships Matter

Internships are your opportunity to learn firsthand about environments that support children and families. Your self-selected experience not only helps you determine where you’d like to focus your career, it also serves as an opportunity to make a lasting and immediate difference in the lives of children.

Careers Make an Impact

Your education, research and internship experiences at Colby-Sawyer have helped you to grow as an advocate for children and families in a variety of settings. Now you are ready for a fun and rewarding career that makes a positive impact on society.