Alcohol & Other Drug Programs

The Department of Citizenship Education and the Baird Health and Counseling Center offer several programs on alcohol and other drug education, prevention, and intervention. The following are some of the programs offered through these departments.

3rd Millennium Classroom Under the Influence (Alcohol) or Marijuana 101 Course

Under the Influence is a research based prevention tool. This non-judgmental approach to alcohol prevention centers on providing participants the information they need to make healthy, low-risk alcohol choices and apply their knowledge to case studies and role plays.

Marijuana 101 is a marijuana education and prevention program. It is a research based program that provides participants information on the effects of marijuana physically, psychologically, and socially.

Beer, Booze, and Books

College life presents many difficult challenges including choices about alcohol consumption. Beer, Booze, and Books provides information about alcohol, alcohol impairment risks, addiction, recovery, academics, family issues, the impact alcohol can have on athletic performance, and more.

For more information about these and any of our other programs, please contact the Baird Health & Counseling Center or the Department of Citizenship Education.