Voter Registration

Election season may seem far off, but planning early for a fall election season is a smart move. Some of you have voted in elections before, some haven't. If you are a United States citizen, it is your right, and some would say your duty, to vote. Whether you choose to vote in New London or Los Angeles, plan now to vote then. If you would like to vote, follow the four steps below.

Find Your Home

Where do you feel most connected? Where you are now? At school? Do you feel strongly about a city, county, or state issue? Are you more interested in, and only likely to vote in, the national election?

Register to Vote

“New Hampshire election law provides college students with a special privilege when determining where they register to vote. A college student in New Hampshire may choose as his/her voting domicile, either the domicile he/she held before entering college or the domicile he/she has established while attending college." Voting as a College Student in New Hampshire and Voter Registration.

  • Individuals who wish to register to vote in New London may do so at the Activities Fair in September.
  • NH residents who do not wish to vote in New London can visit to get a list of other NH polling places.
  • Students who wish to vote in another state may be able to register online at

Be aware that by registering to vote in New London, you are declaring yourself a resident of New London and will not be eligible to vote in your “home” elections until the next election cycle and then you will need to register to vote there.Additionally, if you receive state financial aid from a state other than New Hampshire, registering to vote here may impact your financial aid. To find out if this would affect you, contact the Financial Aid Office. For more information about voting in New Hampshire, visit the New Hampshire Secretary of State's webpage for elections.

Do Your Research

Think of yourself as a citizen of three spheres of influence, town/state/nation.

What are the big issues in each of those spheres and, thus, each of those elections?

What are your sources of information?

Remember to try to get as complete a picture as possible by reviewing multiple source

Make Your Voting Plan
  • How and where will you vote?
  • If you are voting for issues/candidates outside of New London, how will you cast your ballot?
  • If voting absentee, contact your local town clerk to find when and how to get an absentee ballot OR if you can vote early. (Some towns will have ballots available early, so you may be able to cast your vote if you go to your voting locale over fall break.)
  • If voting in person, where is your voting station? When does it open? How will you get there? What do you need to bring with you (you will likely need proof of identification)?
  • If you are voting in New London, have you registered? You can register on Election Day in New Hampshire.