David H. Winton Baccalaureate Award

The David H. Winton Baccalaureate Award is presented to the graduate who ranks highest in scholarship among those in the graduating class.

Anette Helin

Anette Helin, a self-designed major in international business from Espoo, Finland, created her own major by incorporating coursework in business, psychology, sociology and political studies in preparation for a career in an increasingly globalized business world. Through the self-design process, Anette curated an academic plan to help her better understand and appreciate the culture, customs, religions and politics of other countries, understand international markets and examine a variety of social issues. In 2020, she completed an internship with Nestlé Finland. Her capstone, titled From Globalization to Glocalization: The One Letter That Makes All the Difference, focused on the impact of social media on the field of marketing.

Anette is an insightful and thoughtful student. One faculty member said, “Anette keeps her eyes focused on the relationship between the classroom and the world, and she is consistently able to evaluate how a theory or concept would play out in the real world of politics and business.”

Anette’s skills were evident not only in the classroom, but also in her leadership and involvement on campus. She worked as a peer educator at the Student Learning Collaborative, tutoring students in business, psychology and political studies. She was also a member of the Student Government Association and the Presidential Blue Key Society.

Upon graduation, Anette will return home for the summer before starting a graduate program in Boston in the fall.