Campus Life, Events & Activities

All students, faculty and staff have been required to acknowledge adherence to the following COVID-19 related policies in order to be present on campus during the fall semester.

COVID-19 Safety Commitment

As Chargers, we have always valued community and the impact each one of us has on it, and each other. Understanding the risks associated with COVID-19 and the profound impact it has on our interconnectedness, and each other’s health, plays a crucial role in us being able to navigate these uncertain times as safely as possible.

To align the college’s health and safety expectations with the well-being of each member of our community, and to provide everyone greater assurances as to what they can expect from each other in terms of a commitment to these standards, all students are required to acknowledge their adherence to the COVID-19 Safety Commitment as a condition of their return to campus this academic year.

The COVID-19 Safety Commitment will codify social and behavioral directives and policies to protect the community. It will include, but may not be limited to, such aspects as mandatory wearing of masks, willingness to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival and at intervals, to make daily confidential reports of health status, to abide by rules for student functions, gatherings and events, to be placed in quarantine if exposed or potentially exposed and in isolation with a positive diagnosis, and to abide by travel restrictions and visitor/guest prohibitions. Please refer to the Colby-Sawyer Code of Community Responsibility (CODE) for information pertaining to procedures for addressing alleged violations of college policy and related sanctions.

Students who are found to be responsible for violating COVID-19-related policies will be assigned appropriate sanctions based on the nature of the violation, the severity of the violation, the student’s conduct history, and/or other criteria as determined by the hearing officer or hearing board. Sanctions are typically based on precedent set by other similar cases. However, no two cases or students are exactly the same and sanctions may vary for seemingly similar incidents. Hearing officers and hearing board members are trained to determine what appropriate sanctions should be, including if a student can stay or not. Theoretically, a student who has a clear student conduct file but is found responsible for violating a COVID-19 policy that places self or others at risk could be sent home as a part of a student’s sanction. Please visit the “Sanction” section of the Code of Community Responsibility for a list of possible sanctions.

Health Monitoring & Care

Daily Health Screening, Testing & Contact Tracing Protocols

Students will monitor their temperature and participate in the college’s daily health screening measures to determine whether it is appropriate to be moving about campus. If students have a change to their health status, they will follow the reporting protocol requirements and provide accurate and complete information.

Stay Home

Residential, commuter, and hybrid Student Learners will stay home or in their residence hall rooms if they are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or know that they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Such students will follow the college’s protocols for isolation or quarantine.


Face Covering/Masks

Face masks will be required in classrooms and in indoor spaces, except when actively eating or drinking. Masks will not be required outdoors when a 6-foot distance can be maintained.

Hand Hygiene and Respiratory Etiquette

Students are to practice proper hand washing and respiratory etiquette (e.g., cover my mouth when I sneeze or cough).

Social Functions

Students are not permitted to host or participate in social functions in order to prevent asymptomatic spread of the virus.


Students are to comply with the colleges Travel Policy.

Campus Guests

Students are to follow the college’s Guest Policy.

Student Events, Sponsored Events & Third-Party Events

Student Events
  • Limited events will be permitted with restrictions based on space, location and in accordance with state guidelines. Event size will be limited based on COVID-19 occupancy levels established for the particular venue.
  • The Hogan Sports Center will schedule openings so that non-students and students are utilizing the facility at different times, with faculty and staff permitted to use either time slot. Spaces will be disinfected before each use and cleaning products will be available for the member/student.
  • The Lodge will be open to Colby-Sawyer students, faculty and staff but not to the public. Occupancy will be reduced and seating spaced to reflect physical distancing policies.
  • Common areas such as student lounges can be used up to the maximum COVID-19 occupancy allowed for physical distancing. COVID-19 occupancy capacity signs will be posted outside common areas that will instruct students to comply with distancing and space capacity limits.
  • Student gatherings in residence hall rooms are limited to the established COVID-19 occupancy posted signs for each space. Students will have 24-hour card access to their assigned residence halls. After quarantine, students may visit residence halls other than their own, but will not have card access. Building access will need to be granted by their host. If approved by their roommate(s), current students can be guests in a student room; all residents must wear face coverings if any room occupants are from a different room. Consent to having others in privately assigned spaces can be withdrawn at any time. See the Guest Policy for more information.
  • Social functions (gatherings in residence hall rooms which exceed the posted COVID-19 occupancy) are prohibited.
  • Advance coordination with the Student Activities Office must be completed before campus events occur to ensure all agreed upon safety guidelines are followed.
Social Functions

Students are not permitted to host or participate in social functions in order to prevent asymptomatic spread of the virus. 

Sponsored Events
  • Public events on-campus, including large events and venues, will be restricted or modified in accordance with public health guidance at the time of the event. Events usually scheduled in the fall semester that historically bring large numbers of external guests to campus (e.g., Homecoming) will be planned as virtual events. Alternatives to continue community engagement such as remote gatherings will be developed insofar as possible.
Third-Party Events
  • External public and private events will be considered on a case by case basis. Requests for event consideration should be submitted to Event Services at 603.526.3720 or
  • Physical distancing and public health guidelines will apply to any third parties (if approved) who may be permitted to use campus space for approved gatherings.