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COVID-19 Concerns – Community and Individual Behavior Report Form

This portal receives concerns about the behavior of any Colby-Sawyer College community member (student, faculty, or staff) whose behavior conflicts with the COVID-19 Safety Commitment and associated college policies enacted to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

The vulnerability of our campus health during the pandemic requires that all members of our community take an active role in understanding the College policies that define modifications to behaviors, expectations, and the access to facilities.

When we witness or learn about behaviors that are not in keeping with our COVID-19 policies, it is important that we take corrective action immediately-- because our ability to maintain an in-person experience depends on it.

Some conflicting behaviors result from simple forgetfulness or a misunderstanding of policies. Often in those cases, a simple reminder or further clarification of the policy, may be appropriate.  When behaviors are intentional, egregious, and/or malicious, those individuals can expect corrective actions that swiftly protect the community from their behaviors. Students whose behaviors fall into this domain can expect to be removed from campus immediately and face formal disciplinary action through the college’s students conduct system. Reported concerns involving faculty and staff will be directed to Human Resources and the employee’s supervisor for action.

Please use the COVID-19 Concerns – Community and Individual Behavior Report Form to submit a concern to the Department of Campus Safety for a Colby-Sawyer student, faculty, or staff member who may not be following the COVID-19 Safety Commitment and related college policies. Ideally, submitting a report prior to the concerning behavior occurring is best, as it allows the college to be proactive in addressing the behavior.

We Are-Chargers United-Keeping Each Other Safe