September 22, 2020

Dear Parents and Families,

Earlier this week, college officials received notification that a second member of the student body had tested positive for COVID-19. The test was not administered on behalf of the college, and the student in question has not returned to campus since testing positive.

College officials have worked with the student in question to identify others at risk of exposure, and at this point, 11 additional students are under quarantine. Per the college’s policy on documented exposure to individuals infected with COVID-19, those under quarantine have either returned home or are restricted to their residence hall rooms where they will remain for a designated amount of time. In the interest of privacy, the college will not disclose additional information regarding residence halls or class schedules of those involved.

In response to this confirmed case of COVID-19, housekeeping has increased cleaning and sanitization efforts in all residence halls and campus buildings, including all areas the student in question is known to have accessed. Likewise, in the interest of consistency with college policies in other areas of campus, the dining hall will now limit capacity to two-people per table.

A second round of testing of all students concluded Sept. 16 and yielded no positive results. Additional testing will be conducted weekly on a random sampling of students throughout the semester, with all test results to be posted on the college’s Campus Testing Results webpage.

Please let this message serve as a reminder that despite the college’s success with testing – in which more than 1,700 administered tests produced a single positive result – the threat of exposure to COVID-19 remains. The best way to prevent infection continues to be the adherence of all COVID-19 related policies, including diligent use of face masks, proper physical distancing and increased hand washing and sanitization. It is also important that individuals follow all policies and procedures related to campus visitors and guests.

Once again, the college’s return to in-person instruction this fall is a privilege and we must all do our part in following the policies and procedures that allow us to be together on campus. Do not be complacent. Viral spread can only be limited with strict adherence to all COVID-19 related policies by the campus community. Please direct any questions you may have regarding this message, or the college’s COVID-19 related policies, to


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