Occupancy & Dining

All students, faculty and staff have been required to acknowledge adherence to the following COVID-19 related policies in order to be present on campus during the fall.

Campus Housing

Residence hall, college house and administrative building occupancy will return to pre-COVID numbers. To allow for safe exit in case of emergency, no more than five visitors are allowed in a student room for every one student normally assigned to that room (i.e., single=5, double=10, triple=15, quad=20). The maximum capacity for Rooke Hall apartments and college house apartments is 25, including the residents. Residents are expected to monitor their rooms and the number of guests they have.

Vaccinated students and students with exemptions will be permitted to be roommates. Students should contact Residential Education at residential@colby-sawyer.edu for additional information.

Residential students will be permitted to host social functions in accordance with the criteria outlined on the Social Function Registration Form.


Classrooms will return to pre-COVID capacity. Classes will be held in person with no remote access. Students should not go to class if they feel ill and should work with professors and classmates to get material they have missed.

Dining Services

The dining hall and Lethbridge Lodge will return to pre-COVID occupancy numbers. All the tables, chairs and soft seating have been returned. Students, staff and faculty may not bring personal take-out containers, backpacks or bags into the serving area. Personal drink cups and coffee cups are allowed. The green container program for take-out will be restored with the requirement that the container be replaced on each visit.

Colby-Sawyer community members (faculty, staff, and students) with approved vaccine exemptions and vaccinated Admissions tour guests are permitted to eat in the dining hall and the Lodge and must wear masks when they are not actively eating or drinking. Other guests or visitors who use the dining room or Lodge will be required to show proof of vaccination.