Creative & Professional Writing

Tell Your Story

Records of written stories stretch back over 4,000 years to when humans first scratched words into clay tablets. By studying creative writing and literature, you enter a discipline inextricably linked with what it means to be human.

You know that words matter. The stories we tell shape our culture, our governments and our very selves. Learn how to harness the power of language and deepen your understanding of yourself, the world in which you live, and the impact you can have in it.

Our major in Creative and Professional Writing provides you with the opportunity to gain pre-professional skills in editing, publishing, and other writing-related fields, while cultivating creative expression.

Through extensive practice in various genres (such as poetry, fiction, writing for public communication, and creative nonfiction), you’ll develop valuable and versatile writing skills. Learn from other students during writing workshops. Small classes create the perfect space for learning how to give and receive criticism. Courses in copy editing and graphic design will also give you important professional skills in editing, design, and production that are essential for today’s digital contexts.

A Capstone project that includes creative and reflective components, a required internship and publishing opportunities will provide paths for post-graduate success. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to work in professional publication industries, continue the study of writing and editing at the graduate level, and submit your creative work for publication.

Writing Minor

Colby-Sawyer also offers a minor in writing that complements any program of study. Minoring in writing will help you broaden your career opportunities with essential critical thinking and communication skills no matter your major. For complete information about major and minor requirements and course offerings, please refer to the college catalog.