Internships & Careers

Where in the world will you make a difference?

You care about the natural world and you are passionate about protecting it. You are an advocate for the Earth and its resources. With a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science or environmental studies you will have the knowledge and skills that it takes to make a difference in your little corner of the world and beyond.

Internships Help You Find a Good Fit

With the support of a faculty adviser, your self-selected internship means you can learn from experienced environmental experts like analysts, auditors, conservation officers, educators, naturalists, attorneys, project and program managers, scientists and stewards. It’s your chance to find the career that feels like a good fit for you.

Into the Workplace and the World

You’ve connected all the dots. You understand how the environment and sustainability effect ecology, business, ethics, psychology and sociology. You know how to work effectively on a team. You can evaluate and communicate information effectively and responsibly while considering diverse perspectives to complex subjects. It’s time to take your skills, knowledge and passion out into the world to make your mark.

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Room to Grow

Transition into graduate studies by taking advantage of Colby-Sawyer’s affiliation agreements. Complete an accelerated master’s in science education degree at Springfield College or Plymouth College, or explore our other affiliations with University of New Haven and Vermont Law School.