Facilities now has a web-based system for work requests. This will save you time and paper. Authorized users should submit a work request for routine maintenance. New users must contact Facilities at extension 3699 to obtain a submittal password.

Please Note: This is not to be used for emergency repairs. Please call Facilities with emergencies at extension 3699.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Facilities and Housekeeping?

We are the Facilities Department. There is the Housekeeping Department and the Maintenance/Grounds Department within Facilities.

When are the offices open?

The main Facilities office, which is where the Maintenance/Grounds offices are located, is open Monday – Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The telephone extension is x3699. The Housekeeping office is open Monday – Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The telephone extension is x3769. This telephone extension is mainly for messages. The Housekeeping managers are in and out all day, but check their messages frequently. If you have an emergency situation on the weekend and need maintenance or housekeeping, contact Campus Safety and they will assess the situation and call in someone if needed.

If I have a concern about the heat in my room, what should I do?

RD's and RA's will receive training information on how to troubleshoot the heating system.

If I have an emergency in my room, such as flooding or a leaky ceiling, what should I do?

RD's, RA's or students can call-in emergencies. (Some examples of emergencies are broken glass, toilet overflowing, flooding, leaking ceiling/roof, and tripped breaker). The only work requests that should be called in are emergencies.

How do I request routine maintenance?

Routine work requests should be written on a work order request form with the location and work that is being requested, as well as the telephone number for the student requesting the work. Once the request has been written, it must be signed by the RD and forwarded to the Facilities office via campus mail. RD's can also request work through the Facilities Web Requester. As work requests are received, we prioritize them and assign them to a facilities employee. Routine work orders could take 5 – 7 days to complete. The Facilities Department is responsible for 29 buildings and 216 total acres. Of those 216 acres, we maintain approximately 90 acres of land. We have a total staff of 40 to accomplish this.

I found pests or rodents in my room, what should I do?

First, encourage students to use preventative measures. Store all food in solid, sealed containers that rodents and pests cannot access. A Tupperware type product is an excellent solution to this problem. Second, if you have your food stored properly and still have pests, have the RD or RA complete a work order request form and forward it to the Facilities Department. We will investigate and contact our pest control contractor if needed, and have him bait and set traps.

Can I call Facilities directly?

The Facilities office should only receive work requests over the telephone for emergencies. All other work requests must be requested by the RD via the work order request form or Facilities Web Requester.

Will I know if someone from Facilities is coming into my room, or has been into my room to make a repair?

The Facilities employee's will not enter a student's room before 9:00 a.m., unless it is an emergency as stated above. When work is requested, the student should assume that a Facilities employee would be in to complete the work order request within 5 – 7 days. Facilities will only call if it is major work that needs to be scheduled. We also try to call when a job cannot be completed and give an estimated completion time. Students do not have to leave their doors unlocked. The Facilities worker will have a key to be able to enter the student's room to complete the work requested.

If I have a complaint about something, whom should I contact?

Students should contact their RD with any complaints. Faculty and staff should call the main Facilities office at x3699.

What are students responsible for cleaning and what is housekeeping responsible for cleaning?

The housekeepers will clean all bathrooms and common areas daily. We will clean the kitchen sink, but only if it is clear of dishes. We will clean and sanitize bathroom sinks daily, but the area must be free of all personal belongings. Items such as toothbrushes and personal toiletries should not be left in the bathroom. We will vacuum the hallways daily, but cannot move personal items that are left in the hallway. Students should keep hallway clear of shoes, bicycles and other personal items. This is a safety hazard, and student's risk having items removed by Campus Safety. The bottom line is, if our areas of responsibility are free and clear of student's belongings, our housekeeping staff will be able to provide a high quality of service while cleaning these areas.

How often is the trash taken out?

The trash is removed from the bathrooms and hallway trash barrels daily, including weekends. Speaking of trash, please assist us in placing cardboard and large items next to the trash barrel and not in it. Also, if you have broken glass, please place it in the pail next to the barrel that is marked “Broken Glass”. Please do not put broken glass in a trash barrel. This creates a safety hazard for our trash removal personnel. Please help us to get the word out to all the students.

My room doesn't have a screen or storm window. When can I get one?

RD should create a work order request and forward it to Facilities.

What do I do with college furniture that I do not want in my room?

RD's should label the furniture with the room number and student, and then notify the Facilities office via a work request that you request furniture to be removed and stored. The Facilities staff will schedule a time with the students to remove the furniture. (At the beginning of the semester, the facilities staff will often work building by building removing furniture. They will schedule the removal of furniture directly with the students and give them instructions of what to do with the furniture until it can be stored. This is a very busy time of year. The process of removing furniture may take a couple of weeks to complete, due to the high demand for removal. Your patience is appreciated.) Note: Students should not place furniture in the hallways without permission from the RD due to the fire safety hazard involved.

  • Telephone problems: RD, RA or student should contact the telecom office at x3800 to report problems.
  • Washing machines: RD or RA should contact MacGray. 1-800-235-1115. See poster in laundry room. Report that you are calling from CSC, identify building location and problem. A service technician will be sent to make the repairs. Post a notice on the broken machine stating that it is out of order.
  • Vending machines: Machines are serviced by Allen's Vending, 1-802-296-7770 or 1-802-295-2367.
  • Door locks and keys: Lock and key issues should be reported to Campus Safety at x3675.
  • Network computer hook-ups: Students should contact the Help Desk at x3800.
  • Cable TV: Students should contact the Residential Education office for information. The Facilities department does not handle cable TV service or repairs.