International Studies Minor

Interested in international affairs? Pair the major of your choice with a minor in international studies for a broad and flexible curriculum that examines global structures, societies and cultures. You’ll learn to analyze and address international issues, challenges and opportunities — and you’ll gain a new way of looking at the world.

The international studies minor includes a foreign language and international experience requirement. Choose from a semester abroad, summer study abroad, field studies courses, an internship in a foreign location, or complete an internship associated with globalization and international issues through the Washington Internship Institute. (Past experience in a foreign nation and prior knowledge of a foreign language may be sufficient to fulfill the requirements.)

For complete information about minor requirements and course offerings, please refer to the course catalog.


First-Year Students
Jon Conley
Admissions Counselor

International & Transfer Students
Christy Fry
Director, International & Transfer Admissions

Program Information
Todd Coy
Professor and Chair, Social Sciences & Education