A Valuable Education

Paula Magnanti ’79 has had many work and volunteer experiences throughout her career. But it is her Colby-Sawyer education that she attributes to her ongoing success. She said, “I went on to medical laboratory science and medical technology at Northeastern University. However, the degree from Colby-Sawyer was my most precious and valuable core asset. It allowed me to take the journey to work in physician practices and healthcare information technology and build optometry practices and vision screening for pediatricians.”

Immediately after graduation in 1979, Magnanti was employed at an obstetrician-gynecologist office for two years before enrolling in the Northeastern University medical laboratory science program. She then went on to work at both Boston Children’s Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In the late 1990s, Magnanti started dealing with medical technology and medical devices, leaving the lab behind and gaining more experience in sales.

In 2000, Magnanti decided to take a leap and start her own business. She said, “It was very scary, but I remember receiving my first proposal and being so excited.” Since its establishment, Magnanti’s consulting firm, Strategic Healthcare Solutions, has offered strategic business solutions servicing clients from small start-ups to large healthcare organizations.

In addition to owning her own business, Magnanti has also served on several healthcare advisory boards and committees, often holding leadership positions. In her spare time, Magnanti started a Lions Club charter in Sudbury, Mass., and is currently serving as president. She hopes to continue her work with the Lions Club and help gain new members.

Magnanti still keeps in touch with some of her friends from Colby-Sawyer College via Facebook and texting. After attending a Homecoming Weekend event in 2019, Magnanti was asked to join the President’s Alumni Advisory Council, and she is looking forward to going back to in-person meetings so she can be with everyone and get more involved with the college.

Magnanti currently lives in Weston, Mass., while serving as a caregiver to her elderly parents. In her spare time, she believes in self-care and constantly keeping herself educated by reading.

When reflecting on her time at Colby-Sawyer, Magnanti said, “I use my knowledge that I learned at CSC every day. I loved everything about my Colby-Sawyer experience.”