Amira Eid `22

As a junior communications major, Amira Eid of Pelham, N.H. has found herself excelling in the classroom and on the tennis court. She began playing tennis when she was only 6 years old because her mom thought she would enjoy the challenge of tennis. As both of Eid’s parents were extremely athletic, playing tennis, volleyball and soccer, she was destined to be an athlete from the start. Like many others, Eid’s favorite aspect of the season is game day. Without hesitation, Eid describes the feelings associated with a game day as “extravagant.” Before every game, Eid will straighten her hair and put in her special game day headband while listening to her pump-up playlists. From there, she begins to think about everything she has been developing in practice and how she can implement her improvements in the game.

Last year, Eid made the switch from not being in the lineup to holding the third spot. It was a huge jump for her, so she knew that it was her responsibility to show up and compete to the best of her ability. In one match, she had won the first set and lost the second, leaving it tied 5-5. This meant that in order to secure the win, she would have to win by two points. Although the pressure began to pile on, Eid was able to persevere and come out on top. This win contributed to a massive overall team win for the day. While the Colby-Sawyer Women’s Tennis team sees many victories, they must also face defeat. In an incredibly challenging quarter-final game, Eid was not able to find victory. In her most mentally tough moment, Eid had to suppress her emotions to be respectful to her teammates, as they had just faced the same loss.

As a dual-sport athlete in high school, Eid had to decide which sport she would pursue collegiately: soccer or tennis. Ultimately, Eid chose to continue her tennis career, as she wanted to improve herself as an individual athlete. As a tennis player for Colby-Sawyer, she could not be happier. Eid’s favorite thing about being a student-athlete at CSC is meeting other student-athletes, especially ones on different teams, and being able to support each other at games. Being a student-athlete has shown Eid what her priorities are and should be, leading her in the right direction. Eid sees a powerful analogy between playing an opponent on the court and going up against someone for a job. She says in both cases, you must treat them as a competitor while also remaining respectful.

Eid recognizes that not everyone has the privilege or opportunity to play a collegiate sport and she is so grateful for that opportunity. Growing up, she always watched Serena Williams and wanted to be and play just like her. Eid feels that playing in college has brought her closer to reaching that goal. Additionally, it has given Eid an appreciation for all of the dedication and effort that goes into becoming a professional, which has driven her success in the classroom. Eid shares, “Colby-Sawyer has shown me how to be a better athlete, student leader and person, especially in times of uncertainty.”