Finding Her Way Back Home

Amanda Gibbons Moak ’12 has always had a passion for student affairs. As a student, Moak immersed herself in activities and clubs that kept her busy and working with others.

During her time as an undergraduate, Moak was involved in Dance Club, Word Order, Campus Activities Board (CAB) and served as a resident assistant and an orientation leader. With all her commitment to student life, it is no surprise that Moak’s career has led her back to Colby-Sawyer College to the role of director of student activities. “It’s nice to be back,” she said. “The vibe of campus feels the same.”

Moak plans to keep some traditions within her department while also bringing in some new ideas. One of these changes that Moak is excited to introduce is the Charger Cart, a wagon that she intends to bring to events that will hold fun swag for the students. She also plans to vary the times of some of the programs, starting some of them later in the evening and adding some afternoon events. Moak would also like to have collaboration between some of the clubs. “I’d love to see an event where different groups work together,” she said.

Moak lives in Manchester with her husband, Charles Moak ’12, and their two cats, Trotsky and Riot. In her spare time, Moak enjoys scrapbooking, playing video games and baking.

“I’m really excited to be here. It seems like my dream job,” Moak said. “It’s a privilege to be back. I’m excited about what comes next.”