Bronsen Stevens ’20A Senior with a Career

What would it feel like to enter your senior year of college with a job already lined up after graduation? Senior business administration major Bronsen Stevens can speak to this experience, “It feels really great. It’s the affirmation that my investment in college was worth it, the proof that my degree is going to pay off.”

Over the summer, Bronsen completed his internship with KeyBank at their consumer bank in Portland, Maine. KeyBank is a large national, commercial, Fortune 500 bank that provides many financial services. Here, Bronsen was introduced to the banking world as he rotated through different departments such as business to business, private bank and wealth, and home lending and other credit. Because there are a multitude of laws and regulations within the world of banking, Bronsen spent much of his time in a classroom setting, learning as much as he could. He also aided with operations by determining credit and participating in client meetings.

By the end of his internship, Bronsen proved too important to let go, and KeyBank offered him a full-time position pending graduation. When summer 2020 rolls around, Bronsen will begin phase two of his banking career, which consists of at least another year focusing on his certification as a full-time banker.

Bronsen’s success would not have been possible without receiving an internship grant funded by an alumni donor, which enabled him to pay for living expenses over the summer. In an effort to raise awareness of these grants and express his gratitude, Bronsen said, “Thanks to that donor, I was able to live in Portland, have a great internship experience, and receive an incredible job offer.”

Bronsen didn’t score this internship out of nowhere. He slowly worked his way up, building his resume through organizations and work-study positions like Student Government Association (SGA), which he has been president of for over a year. Part of his responsibilities include overseeing the operations of SGA as a whole, facilitating meetings of the senate, reporting to the Board of Trustees, and receiving updates from all the SGA committee chairs.

In addition, Bronsen has worked as a student ambassador since the second semester of his freshman year, which helped him connect with the community, grow his understanding of responsibility, and join the “overarching umbrella of citizenship” at Colby-Sawyer College. Bronsen also serves as a student representative for the Business Program Review Board, providing student perspective while they worked on legitimizing the five-year Masters of Business Administration program.

Bronsen Stevens sought out opportunities and actively pursued success. Guided along by resources on campus and alumni connections, Bronsen proved what students can do with their Colby-Sawyer education. The college wishes him the best of luck as he completes his senior year and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes after graduation with KeyBank.

by Ashley Vajentic '21