Favorite Decorations

What’s your favorite holiday decoration and what does it mean to you?

December is the heart of the holiday season, and it brings a wide variety of traditions and festive fun no matter which holidays you celebrate. Part of the holiday season is the decorations we choose to express our holiday cheer. We asked Colby-Sawyer students about their favorite holiday decoration and what it means to them. Most favorites are derived from family traditions or feelings of the holidays that these decorations bring.

Amelia Parizo ’22 expressed that her favorite decoration is the Christmas tree. “It’s a great family tradition we have, and captures the holiday spirit,” she said.

Her sister, Lexi Parizo ’22 shared, “I enjoy going to see the Christmas light displays because it really gets me into the holiday spirit.”

Jake Paquette ’23 explained, “My favorite would be the turkey decorations my family puts out because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and reminds me of the time we spend together watching football.”

Two types of holiday decorations stand out to Amira Eid ’22, who said, “My favorites are my family’s nativity scene because it resembles what Christmas time is about, and our personalized stockings are a favorite as well.”

Holiday decorations bring us joy, the holiday spirit and nostalgia. In a world full of tough times, decorating for the holidays evokes happy emotions, making spirits bright — literally. Take the time to enjoy the holiday season, and do something that brings you joy.