A Lifetime of Baseball

Tom White seems to have been born into baseball. His father played Division I baseball at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and as soon as he graduated, began coaching at UNH. After some time, Tom’s father moved to Lisbon, N.H., and coached at Lisbon Regional High School for 25 years. Tom was around every practice for as long as he can remember. With baseball in Tom’s blood and baseball being very important in Lisbon (the team was nine-time high school baseball champions), Tom was destined to play. It also helped that he loved the sport because of the challenges and competition that came with it.

Tom saw players that his dad coached go from high school baseball to college baseball, and he knew that he wanted to go down the same path. Tom had a dream to pursue a career in athletics, which led him to major in sport management and minor in business administration at CSC, where he would graduate in 2009. Tom says that being a student-athlete at the college level was one of the best experiences of his life. He was able to meet great people and create lifelong friendships. And then he found a new passion: coaching.

Tom became the head baseball coach at CSC in February of 2021. With COVID still lurking, it wasn’t the best situation to come into, but Tom was ready for it because baseball had taught him how to handle failure and adversity, embrace change, and maintain the work ethic needed to be great. Tom and the team kept a positive mindset throughout the spring of 2021 and focused on each day as it came. They only worried about what they were able to control due to COVID taking a lot of control away from them. Tom emphasized communication to get the best out of the players and will continue to do so, as it allows him to give the players the support they need and show them that he cares about them beyond baseball. Tom wants to get the best out of the players on and off the field because coaching goes beyond the field. With Tom’s communication and the team’s commitment and positive mindset through COVID, the team has grown stronger, and they appreciate what they were able to learn playing through a pandemic.

Outside of baseball, Tom loves spending time with his wife, Ellen, and their 11-month-old son, Colin, along with the rest of their extended family. Tom cannot express enough his love for his wife, and he is forever thankful for her and the support that she gives him in his life and his career. When he’s not with family, Tom enjoys golfing, weightlifting and watching professional sports. And when Tom is done with all of that, he comes back to his lifelong passion: baseball.