One Family, Three Generations

In honor of Mother’s Day, we would like to celebrate a family with three generations of women that have called Colby-Sawyer College their home. Mary Loudon Eckert ’51, Marcie Eckert Stockwell ’86 and Maggie Stockwell ’20 all attended, loved and graduated from CSC.

The three women recently sat down to reminisce and share their stories of CSC.

How did you choose CSC?

Mary — “I was visiting the area with my father, who was an alumnus and trustee for Dartmouth College. We were from Minnesota, and we would often come east to visit for Dartmouth football games, etc. On one trip, a friend of my dad's recommended Colby Junior College, so we went to look at it. I loved everything about it. After an interview with Bob Sawyer, I was accepted.”

Marcie — “I was drawn to CSC for many reasons. Like my mother, as I was growing up, we came to visit the area for her alumni commitments and reunions because my father was a Dartmouth alumnus too. They also had become great friends of the Sawyer family, so we came to visit often. I also was interested in a small college campus. I knew I would like to either go into education or nursing. CSC had both so it was a natural fit.”

Maggie — “Having grown up in New London, I did not consider CSC at first. I wanted to get away from home like many kids do at that age. After gaining my independence for two years at High Point University in North Carolina, I knew I belonged in the New England area. I chose to transfer to the University of New England in Maine, still wanting some independence. After a year there, the academics challenged me, which I liked, however, I still did not feel at home. That's when I knew home was New London, and home was CSC.”

Did the fact your mom/grandmother attended affect your decision to come to Colby-Sawyer?

Marcie — “Yes, hearing tales of Colby-Sawyer as I grew up and being familiar with the area made it a natural choice for me. I was somewhat hesitant because I was not sure that I wanted to attend an all-girls college. However, there was some feeling of safety in that as well. After my tour of the campus and my acceptance letter, I just felt it was the right place.”

Maggie — “It influenced me in the sense that I knew my mother and grandmother both loved it. So that made me feel I would love it and feel comfortable there.”

What was it like going to the same school as your relatives?

Marcie — “I felt connected because my mother was an active alumna. I also had an aunt, my mother’s sister, Bryce Loudon, who attended and was the class of ’56.”

Maggie — “It made me feel a strong sense of belonging.”

What is your favorite thing about CSC?

Mary — “I loved everything about it! I loved the closeness between faculty and students. I loved the campus, the town and being in New Hampshire. It was so different from Minnesota. In my day, association with the town and college was also known as ‘town and gown.’”

Marcie — “I loved the small school and the way I could build relationships with not only my peers but also my professors. I think that helped me succeed in my studies. I love that it has grown but still has the same small-town college campus feel.”

Maggie — “Inclusivity — CSC had something for everyone. I also felt that the faculty cared about my success and well-being.”

What did you major in?

Mary — “Liberal arts. Back then there were only a few choices. It was a two-year college.”

Marcie — “Child development/early education with a minor in psychology.”

Maggie — “Sociology.”

What sports, clubs, work study, etc. were you involved in?

Mary — “I played lacrosse, field hockey, worked on the CSC newspaper, was part of the Key Club and in the Drama Club.”

Marcie — “I was in the dance company on campus. I also worked at the Colbytown Camp.”

Maggie — “I did not have the opportunity to do much on campus as I was working in my spare time at our family’s restaurants. I also did not live on campus, which made my experience a bit different. I did work at the Colby-Sawyer summer camp for local kids.”

What career did you end up in?

Mary — “After Colby-Sawyer College, I went on to Smith College, graduated and later married. I became a homemaker, volunteer and later went into real estate.”

Marcie — “I became a teacher for the Kearsarge Regional School District.”

Maggie — “Business management.”

Besides coming to CSC, what else would you say you all have in common?

Mary, Marcie and Maggie — “All three of us have names that start with M. LOL! We never really thought about that until recently. We all enjoy the arts, we have a good sense of humor, we tend to be driven — Marcie in a quiet way. Maggie and Mary are more outspoken. We care about animals and people.

What does it mean to you to be alumni of Colby-Sawyer College?

Mary — “I’ve always enjoyed being an active alumna. Throughout the years, I stayed in touch with many friends from the school. Once we moved to the area in our retirement years, I was able to become more involved in the alumni activities. I have enjoyed watching the changes from Colby Junior to its present-day Colby-Sawyer College.”

Marcie — “I have enjoyed living in the town and utilizing the campus through the years, both as a local and as an alum. I have attended most of our reunions. Seeing the transition the school has gone through from an all-girls college to a coed college has been exciting. I remember taking Maggie for a tour before she attended and being blown away with the buildings, growth and all they had to offer. I am proud to be an alum.”

Maggie — “It gives me a sense of pride. I feel like I'll always have a place at Colby-Sawyer College.”