The Dessert at the End of the Pedagogical Meal

Matt, Frank, and Abby sit down with politics professor Eric Boyer for a lively conversation. Talking points include Boyer's famed simulation-style teaching methods, what teaching politics in the modern age means, and the divisive nature of barbecue sauce.

Matt Fights a Ghost

Matt and Frank are joined by Colby-Sawyer Chronicles producer Abby Walker, '23, as they recount the ghostly tales that haunt our campus. Everything from old stories to first-person accounts from students and alumni are discussed.

Back to School

The boys are back on campus! They discuss moving in, Freshman Orientation, their classes, and more!

Meet the New Hosts!

Matt Shannon ’23 and Frank Riccio ’23 make their introduction as the new hosts of The Colby-Sawyer Chronicles. They discuss their future vision for the podcast, summer plans, new jobs, Legos and much more.

Staying Positive

How do you stay positive during tough times? Bethany Hebert ’22 finds comfort in dancing; Kara Colvin ’23 expresses her emotions through music. This episode features inspirational conversation and the original “I Miss School Song” by Kara Colvin

Chargers in Love

Hear from six couples about how they met and fell in love at Colby-Sawyer College. Featuring:

Keith Perkins ’99 and Tracey Guarda Perkins ’01; Sarah Cahill ’13 and Shalyn Spencer ’13; Marc-Andre Parent ’16 and Casey Gunter Parent ’14; Erik Rocheford ’01 and Katie Lynch Rocheford ’02; Matt Nolan ’16 and Courtney Troxell Nolan ’15 and Shawn Coe ’95 and Jacqueline Swain Coe ’95.

Self-Publishing Advicefrom ‘Skyborn’ Author Cameron Bolling ’20

Cameron Bolling ’20, author of Skyborn, the first book in the Battle of the Horizon trilogy, reads an excerpt from the final book in his series, Earthtremor, recently released on 1/21/21 in print and e-book on Amazon. He follows up by discussing his writing and self-publishing processes and ends with an excerpt from BoH Book II, Seablood.

Happy Holidays Part Two

Listen to part two of two episodes featuring holiday traditions from professors, staff, and students. This episode features: Teresa Gallagher (“Mama T”), front desk consultant in Colgate; Ruth Padilla, senior Biology major; Nicole Chartier, adjunct professor for the School of Nursing & Health Sciences; Ewa Chrusciel, associate professor for the School of Arts & Sciences; Laura Sykes, academic vice president and dean of faculty; and Wally Borgen, adjunct professor for the School of Arts & Sciences.

Happy Holidays Part One

Listen to part one of two episodes featuring holiday traditions from professors, staff, and students. This episode features: Beth Krajewski, research consultant for the library and adjunct professor for the School of Arts & Sciences; Michael Brown, area coordinator for the Department of Residential Education; Anette Helin, senior self designed major; Tom Kealy, dean for the School of Business & Social Sciences; and Eric Boyer, professor for the School of Business & Social Sciences, and Erica Webb, director of Student Success and Retention.

Supernatural Storiesfrom Ebert Diaz ’20

Keep the lights on for this episode featuring supernatural stories from class of 2020 alum Ebert Diaz’s time at CSC. Stay tuned and stay scared by catching up on Season 2 of the Supernatural Stories video series on the CSC Alumni FB and Instagram pages.

Let’s Talk about BusinessInterviews with Loren Wehmeyer and Ethan Forrest

Assistant professor for the School of Business and Social Sciences Loren Wehmeyer talks about where his passion for business began and how it brought him to Colby-Sawyer, touching on his methods of experiential learning and how students can find success in the field of business. Following up is alum Ethan Forrest '19 who found his way into the Boston real estate market and shares some first-hand advice of his own.

Sustainability at Colby-Sawyer

What is sustainability and why is it important? Jen White, director of sustainability and innovation, talks about sustainability, resilience, personal well-being, social justice, financial stability, and ecological balance.