Spill the Tea with Sarah Fields

Sarah Fields ’16, who graduated as a multidisciplinary studies major, is back on campus, this time as the program manager for Student Activities and Orientation. Before returning to the Colby-Sawyer community, Sarah had a handful of other jobs, including working as a custom framer and at a resort. She also went back to school, this time in Florence, Italy.

While she’s only been working on campus for a few weeks, she says it has been wonderful. Her favorite part of the job so far has been getting to plan all of the fun events and finding out what the students want to do on campus.

Sarah feels a strange sense of déjà vu while being back, seeing as so much has changed (like the art department), but so much has stayed the same. Sarah has found with her return to campus that the community has been like it was when she was a student: welcoming and supportive. She has enjoyed working with different professors and reconnecting with those she knew when attending the college, and she looks forward to making new connections.

Sarah is excited about a handful of upcoming in-person events like the international education week, and she was excited to help out with the recent drag ball and Dashain festival.

Sarah has enjoyed being back in the community and visiting the various gorgeous spots on campus and hopes to check out some of the new ones, like the Sunshack, too.