Karen Kotopoulis Koutsavlis ’02 has always had a passion for wellness and nutrition. Graduating with a degree in exercise and sport science in 2002, Koutsavlis gained experience immediately after leaving Colby-Sawyer working for corporate wellness and the food industry representing farmers. She soon felt the need to educate people on “real” food and the benefits of fitness, and on May 8, 2013 New England 360 Fitness was born.

Two years ago, Koutsavlis purchased a program that allowed her to add online services to her already existing on location business. Until now, Koutsavlis would meet clients at their place of business work with them at their location. The introduction to digital wellness has allowed her to offer many virtual workouts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. She says, “I’m so grateful that I did this. It has been a lifesaver to offer this service to people at this time.”

New England 360 Fitness is a business that works with companies to offer employees a lifestyle of improved health and wellness. Koutsavlis arrives on-site at her clients’ businesses to show the software and customize the back areas of the website. Once the customers are ready to go, most things can then be done online. She sends out weekly newsletters and updates workouts that her clients can use at any time.

Koutsavlis currently offers about 20 workouts on a weekly basis, and she tries to coordinate the current season of the year in her videos. The selection of programs include cardio, nutrition, strength training, yoga and gym based workouts. She explains that any workout program she creates needs to change and work within an organization’s wellness committee. She says, “The program needs to adapt and evolve throughout the year. I offer a toolbox and the clients can customize using that base.”

Koutsavlis is currently offering free workouts for Colby-Sawyer faculty and staff. She is also offering many upcoming services to our alumni community, including Coffee with a Coach, when she will periodically check in with our alumni family and offer health and wellness tips, as well as ways that we can stay motivated and engaged. For more information on New England 360, feel free to contact Karen Koutsavlis at: Karen@ne360fitness.com.