This year, Colby-Sawyer’s seniors have faced what seemed to be insurmountable challenges. After living on this campus for three years, their fourth year has looked incredibly different and has required many adjustments. Wacky Bingo is no longer the entire student body packed into the cafeteria celebrating wins and laughing with each other. Sports games are hard to come across and socialization has had to look a little different. Nevertheless, they have persisted with grace, dignity and gratitude. This holiday season, Colby-Sawyer seniors have still found so much they are thankful for both on and off of our beautiful campus.

Andrew Broening, a business administration major and member of the men’s soccer team, is thankful for the faculty and staff at Colby-Sawyer that have supported him through his academic career, and the close-knit community that has made him feel right at home. In general, Andrew is thankful for his friends and family who have always been there for him. Andrew is especially thankful for his mom, because she is always there to support him and to listen when he needs someone to talk to.

Lauryn Masse, a nursing major and member of the dance club and field hockey team, is thankful for the friends and relationships she has built over her four years here at Colby-Sawyer. She is thankful for the connections she has made with her friends, for their love and their compassion. In these uncertain times, Lauryn is incredibly grateful for her and her family’s health. Specifically, Lauryn is thankful for her fiancé, Bruce, who has loved and supported her unconditionally throughout their relationship. She is ecstatic to be marrying him in September.

Jenna Bessette, a business administration major and member of the BOLD Women’s Leadership Network, is thankful for everyone here at Colby-Sawyer, especially the professors who have taken the time to get to know her. She is also thankful for Anna Miner, Jen Tockman and BOLD. Jenna is extremely grateful that her family is healthy and living a strong life, and that she is healthy herself. Jenna is very thankful for her dad, because without his wisdom and how hard he pushed her in high school, she would not be who she is today. She knows that he also always has her back no matter what.

Danny McCrystal, an exercise science major and member of the men’s baseball team, is thankful for the amazing people he has met at Colby-Sawyer who he has created lifelong bonds with. Simply, Danny is thankful to wake up every morning in a warm bed with a roof over his head. He recognizes that his family has been able to provide him with a life full of lessons and experiences that many people aren’t afforded. Despite being thankful for all of his family and friends, the person he is most thankful for is his grammie. She was an amazing person who taught Danny’s mom and him how to be loving, forgiving and accepting of people.

At Colby-Sawyer, senior nursing major Erica Leland is thankful for all of the hardworking staff and professors, her friends and the opportunity to continue her education and career in nursing. She is most thankful for her family and friends because they have always been a huge part of her life and she would not be where she is today without them. Erica is also thankful for all of the experiences she has been a part of thus far in her life, as well as the things that she has accomplished. Erica’s mom is definitely someone that she is thankful for. She can go to her mom for literally anything because she always knows what to do or say.

This year has certainly been a challenge for everyone, so it is crucial to continue to support one another in these times of need. Colby-Sawyer is a community that fosters support and provides a way for students to create connections that will last a lifetime. The senior class is especially grateful that the college was able to provide a safe way to bring them back to the place they love so very much.