There's No Stopping this Show

Although delayed by wintry weather, PRIDE’s spring drag ball went off without a hitch on Saturday, Feb. 26. The club holds two drag balls each year. In the fall, they host a Halloween themed ball, and in the spring, they hold one with a student-chosen theme. This year’s theme was Underworld.

The event was held in Sawyer Center, where the lobby was decorated with tapestries, bats, LED candles and skeletons. Students showed up dressed in their best Underworld-inspired outfits. According to the club’s media liaison, Khaira Bagley ’23, the planning of the event demands “a lot of time and energy, dedication, passion and communication.”

Despite the postponement, all of the performers were able to make the new show date, and they put on quite a show for Colby-Sawyer students. Entertainment agency House of Marvel Entertainment’s performers included ChiChi Marvel, JJ Marvel, Obscura Freakshow and the evening’s host, Mr. Ego. Additionally, Violencia Exclamation Point, a season three contestant on The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula show, and CSC’S very own student Sarah Trout wowed the crowd with their lip-sync performances.

The evening was filled with spectacular get-ups, outfit reveals and showstopping moves, since each performer had two numbers throughout the evening. PRIDE’s current interim president, Abby Walker ’23, emphasizes that “drag ball is purely entertainment” and that the officers have to “make sure [they’re] planning an event that’s fun to go to.” The club hopes to bring more performers for future drag balls to entertain students with spectacular shows.