Will Bennett10 Years in Dining Services

“How may I make your day?”

Students might recognize this phrase, a staple from Will Bennett, lunch lead for Parkhurst Dining Services. Will celebrated his 10th anniversary at the dining hall last April. In recent years, students knew him best for his presence at the weekend omelet bar. This year, Will’s duties are a little more behind-the-scenes: approving the main dining menu, coming up with specials such as new pasta sauces, and leading the dining crew in the right direction. “See a need, fill a need,” as Will says. His favorite thing to make at the dining hall is anything that results in him hearing students say, “Oh, you got this today!” For example, pesto tortellini. Will’s favorite things to eat are the lentil dal and spicy eggplant.

A big reason Will has stuck around Colby-Sawyer is the welcoming and accepting environment. Will came out as bisexual about four years ago. He says he remembers feeling so nervous before coming out, but once he did, it was fanfare and happiness all around. Will is so thankful to work at a place where the LGBTQ+ community can feel safe and celebrated.

Will has three kids and during his time off he enjoys catching up on chores at home. One of his biggest hobbies is playing disc golf.

With roughly 1,000 students on campus, Will admits it’s difficult to remember names. But, he says that even if he doesn’t remember your name, “I remember smiles and I remember faces. If you smile at me, I’ll smile back.”