MSN Clinical Nurse Leader

The Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) is a registered nurse, with a Master of Science in Nursing who has completed advanced nursing coursework in pathophysiology, clinical assessment and pharmacology. CNLs oversee patient care coordination, facilitate team communication, and implement evidence-based solutions at the unit level.

The CNL role allows nurses to practice at the master’s level, but stay at the bedside coordinating the care of patients.

  • Promote health
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve point-of-care
  • Apply evidence-based practice to ensure innovative care delivery
  • Formal leadership roles in acute and outpatient settings

Offered in an asynchronous online, 8-week course format, the nursing courses are designed to respond to the unique needs of adult learners who have current nursing practice experience.

MSN Scholarships Available

Students new to the college’s MSN program enrolled by Fall 2020 will receive a $1,350 scholarship toward their first course, and a $825 scholarship toward their second course. All courses after will be the normal rate of $575 per credit for D-HH employees and Colby-Sawyer alumni, and $600 for all other applicants.

Clinical Nurse Leader Curriculum
GNUR 514* 1cr Advanced Role Development in Nursing*
GNUR 512 3cr Health Care Systems, Policy & Leadership
GNUR 510 3cr Evidence-Based Practice & Applied Nursing Research
GNUR 502 3cr Advanced Pathophysiology
GNUR 513 3cr Population Health
GNUR 501 3cr Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning for the Advanced Practitioner (2/1)
GNUR 503* 3cr Advanced Pharmacology
GNUR 504 3cr Clinical Quality Improvement I
GNUR 511 5cr Clinical Quality Improvement II (3/2)
GNUR 598 5cr Advanced Generalist Nursing Capstone I (1/4)
GNUR 599 6cr Advanced Generalist Nursing Capstone II (2/4)
*available elective
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Powerful Partners

The relationship between Colby-Sawyer and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health dates back to 1981 when the college first began preparing nurses at the Bachelor of Science level. Since then, Colby-Sawyer students have benefited from nursing clinical placements, internships, and various other experiential learning opportunities within the state's largest health system and only academic medical center and Level I trauma center.

Today, with help from generous financial support from D-HH and instruction from career healthcare professionals, Colby-Sawyer is proud to offer a Master of Science in Nursing program to further advance the careers of healthcare workers.