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Colby-Sawyer College Hosts 12th Annual Susan Colby Colgate Scholars' Symposium

Colby-Sawyer College, a comprehensive college that integrates the liberal arts and sciences with professional preparation, is proud to host the 12th Annual Susan Colby Colgate Scholars' Symposium on April 21, 2015. The college established this symposium in 2003 to honor the depth and breadth of learning achieved at Colby-Sawyer, featuring the interdisciplinary Capstone projects of the senior class as well as presentations by undergraduate students. Exceptional projects will be acknowledged with Capstone awards at the Scholars and Leaders Ceremony on May 8.

With employers putting an increased level of importance on critical thinking, project-based learning, and the ability to innovate (according to the Association of American Colleges & Universities), the Susan Colby Colgate Scholars' Symposium is a demonstration of Colby-Sawyer graduates' readiness to enter the workforce. Named after the college's first teacher and principle, Susan Colby Colgate, the symposium gives students, faculty and staff the opportunity to share the students' independently conceptualized, designed and executed Capstone research projects. These projects reflect the students' areas of interest and demonstrate the many ways Colby-Sawyer graduates will bring advancement, innovation and knowledge to the world upon graduation.

The Susan Colby Colgate Scholars' Symposium and the college's Mountain Day in the fall bookend the academic year by cancelling classes and bringing the Colby-Sawyer community together in celebration. Capstone projects of Colby-Sawyer students address many social, political, economic and cultural issues relevant to the local and regional community, including LGBTQ, international relations, youth and family, health sciences, and much more. The symposium and the individual Capstone projects reflect the dedication of Colby-Sawyer's faculty to exceptional teaching and its students to passionate and extraordinary learning.

“The Susan Colby Colgate Scholars' Symposium is among our proudest traditions here at Colby-Sawyer,” states President Thomas C. Galligan Jr. “Not only does this event give much-deserved recognition to our students, faculty and staff, but it also highlights the ways that Colby-Sawyer students are making the community – within Colby-Sawyer and beyond – a stronger, more informed place to live and learn. And it is a day where we all see the incredible growth of our students as they prepare to complete their careers at Colby-Sawyer.”

The symposium schedule is here.

-Jessica Chabot, Millennium Integrated Marketing

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