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Colby-Sawyer College Rugby Coach Chris Reed Steps Down

After 15 years of serving as the Head Coach for the Men's and Women's Rugby teams, Chris Reed has decided to step down so he can spend more time with his family. Chris will remain on campus in his normal full-time role as Director of Annual Giving and still handle much of the Colby-Sawyer Rugby team's administrative tasks behind the scenes.

Since the fall of 1998, Chris Reed has been the driving force behind establishing, building and maintaining rugby teams that the entire Colby-Sawyer campus could be proud to call their own. Over the years Chris has had the support of many student leaders, but Colby-Sawyer Rugby could always count on Coach Reed to do much more than just coach the matches and practices on the pitch. Coach Reed has always had the mindset that rugby is a sport that can help develop deep friendships and bonds that will carry on for a lifetime. Fifteen years of Colby-Sawyer ruggers now have a lifetime of friends that were initiated by rugby at Colby-Sawyer College, thanks to the efforts put forth by Coach Reed.

Coach Reed's combined record stands at 153 wins and 43 losses but everyone surrounding the Colby-Sawyer rugby community could tell you his impact was far deeper than wins and losses. Colby-Sawyer will be forever grateful for the passion and devotion Coach Reed displayed as the Head Rugby Coach for the past 15 years.

Colby-Sawyer College President Thomas C. Galligan Jr. had this to say about Chris Reed:
"Chris' commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication to his teams is incredible. He devoted himself to bringing rugby to Colby-Sawyer, led its incredible growth and success, gave students the chance to learn a sport, be on a team, and excel. He did it all while at the same time being an outstanding advancement professional. Chris Reed is Mr. Rugby at Colby-Sawyer College. I say thank you and congratulations to him on behalf of the entire Colby-Sawyer community."

2013-14 Colby-Sawyer College Women's Rugby Captain Carly Baker had this to say about Coach Reed:
"Coach Reed has made a huge impact on my life and many others. Coming into college freshman year I had no idea what the sport of rugby was, but soon enough I got thrown into my first match with Reed screaming on the side lines . . . . . From then on, I grew to love the game and to love the team because Coach Reed taught us that not only are we a "team," we are a family. His hard work on and off the field for 15 years has impacted Colby-Sawyer College and the rugby club and he is an inspiration to all of us. I have never had such an amazing and caring coach and I am so blessed I have received the opportunity to play for him. The school, the players, the club and especially me cannot thank him enough. Coach Reed has provided us with great memories that we can cherish forever. Thank you so much."

2013-14 Colby-Sawyer College Men's Rugby Captain Jake Stigliano had this to say about Coach Reed:
"It is hard to sum up what Chris Reed means to Colby Sawyer, but what he will always be remembered for is the special connection to his players that he has built in the last 15 years. I myself have only played rugby under Coach Reed and was proud to serve as his Captain on the field. I wish him and his family all the best. We know he will be a great father to his new beautiful daughter Lily. I speak for the team when I say he will be missed and his teachings about life will resonate with his players forever."

Coach Chris Reed talking about his time as Head Coach at Colby-Sawyer College:
"It's hard to believe it has already been 15 years. I remember when the men's and women's teams first started and there were just enough players to field a side most of the time those first seasons. Now, we carry rosters of 25-30 student athletes and speak to prospective Colby-Sawyer students about the program and about what playing rugby as a Charger means. We've accomplished a whole lot over the years and I'm looking forward to watching the program continue to evolve and flourish, only this time from a different perspective.

Most, if not all, of my closest friendships have been built around the sport of rugby and I'm happy to say that Colby-Sawyer alumni players fill a large majority."

Chris Reed's Coaching Resume at Colby-Sawyer College

Colby-Sawyer College Men Rugby:

89 wins 21 losses (80.9 winning percentage)
7 Conference titles
3 Non-Conference Spring 7s Championships
4 Division 2nd Place finishes
3 Division 3rd Place finishes

Colby-Sawyer College Women Rugby:

64wins 22 losses (74.4 winning percentage)
4 Conference titles
4 Non-Conference Spring 7s Championships
4 Division 2nd Place finishes